Mashu Update

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Mashu Group 1

So I've decided to name these guys Mashu, after how my neice used to pronounce "Matthew" when she was little, and I've introduced a shorter, armless variation as well.


Foxwatch Update - June 2017

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DSC 8969 CCW

At 2:40 this morning I was woken by a weird barking noise.

Looking out the window I found Scully sat in the middle of the road having a good shout. Shortly after Mulder appeared, followed by two cubs!

After they'd all sniffed about each other and made sure everyone was accounted for, Mulder walked about 20 metres down the road and sat facing Scully. They both supervised while the kids wandered around, had a lay down on the pavement, and started playfighting with each other and Scully.

After about 10 minutes they all had to clear out of the road because a milk delivery van drove past, then Scully and the cubs disappeared. Mulder sat back in the road, looked around, realised everyone else had gone, then headed down the road on his own.
I think they must have been giving the cubs a tour of their territory, and getting them used to being out.

I only managed to get the above, out of focus photo of Mulder through my window, but I'm going to try and do a drawing of him from it.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Apparently it was three cubs, but I could only see two at a time from where I was.



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I've made some prototypes of these guys.

Prototype front

Prototype rear

I may have to invest in a few more colours of Fimo to make some more.


New Characters? Work in Progress

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So I'm trying to develop some new characters. My idea was to have a group of characters who could interract with the real world. A bit like my Skull Guys, but cuter, and more likeable...

For the design I wanted something simple. Not just easy to draw, but potentially easy to sculpt as well. I've had this vague idea in my mind for a while, and this evening I've been doing some doodles and I think I've got them worked out.


V1: A quick rough doodle which was more or less what I had in mind, but wasn't particularly happy with. Too top-heavy.


V2: I'm much happier with the shape of these guys, but I'm not so sure about the different style of arms.


V3: Pretty much there with the V2 body shape and arms more like V1, but might still tweak slightly.

The idea behind these guys is they're tiny, about 4cm tall, genderless, and they travel around our world in groups, just trying to comprehend the various human artefacts that they find.
They're all identical, but they're different colours, and they're slightly rubbery (if you remember the Monster in my Pocket toys from the 80s/90s, that's pretty much what I had in mind, colour/texture-wise!).
While they'll look the same, I expect some individual personalities will start to come out as I work with them.

I might have a play with the design a bit more, and I'm going to try to work them into some photos. I'm going to have a go at making a few in a variety of colours and poses from Fimo or Sculpey or similar, and try photographing them too.

Ideally I'd like to one day get a bunch of Monster in my Pocket style rubber toys made, but that will be some time (and maybe a Kickstarter) away!


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