I'm currently available to take a limited number of commissions. If you're interested in commissioning a piece of art or a logo, please contact me.


To commission a piece of art, just let me know what you'd like, and send me any reference photos I may need.

Once you're happy with it, I'll send over a final digital version of the piece, and if required arrange for it to be printed on paper or canvas and shipped to you.

Art commissions will be charged at £20 per hour, plus printing and shipping costs, if required.

  • Ellie and Tim

  • Conference Image 2017 web New Logo
  • Conference Image 2015 Web Size
  • Conference Image 2014
  • Sanchia and Ben
  • Ellie and Tim print
  • Sanch and Ben print


To commission a logo, let me know what it'd be used for, and if you have any ideas for its design or colour scheme.

Once you're happy I'll send over a high resolution .JPG for printing, signs, T-shirts, etc, and a medium resolution and a small resolution .PNG for websites, videos and other digital uses. If required, I can provide both a 'square' version of the logo and a longer 'banner' version.

Keep an eye on the blog for a more detailed look at the process for commissioning a logo.

Logos are charged at £20 per hour.

  • Shaping Logo White On Green web1
     Shaping Portsmouth logo, 2017
  • Express Logo 2016
    Express FM Logo, 2016
  • Express Logo Square 2016
    Express FM Logo, 2016
  • WTAY
    With Thread And Yarn, 2017
  • OB Logo Final Web Size
    Off Book Logo, 2015
  • OB Banner Final Web Size 1

    Off Book Logo, Banner version, 2015

  • Logo With Big Radio FINAL

    Express FM Logo, 2014

  • Logo With Radio FINAL 1

    Express FM Logo, 2014

  • Express AudioBoom
    Express FM AudioBoom banners, 2014

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